Past Transactions

ma-icon Sell-side acquisition of transportation/logistics company (in progress)
ma-icon Valuation and potential sell-side transaction of waste management company (in progress)
ma-icon Buy-side acquisition campaign of REIT business (in progress)
ma-icon Valuation, tax structure and documentation of a shareholder buyout of a majority shareholder of financial services
business (in progress)
ma-icon Sell-side negotiation and due diligence process of automotive parts supplier business (2018)
ma-icon Buy-side acquisition campaign of environmental consulting business (2017)
ma-icon Sale of machine shop business to a strategic buyer (2017)
ma-icon Negotiation, value, model, and structure of $8MM partner buyout of commercial real estate company (2017)
ma-icon Sale of office furniture business (2017)
ma-icon Sale of referral network business to private equity firm (2016)
ma-icon Sale offer of food brokerage business (2014)
ma-icon Sale of medical billing business (2013)
Due diligence assistance of service business acquiring entity in new geographical location (2013)
ma-icon Sale of sporting event company to national entity (2012)
ma-icon Sale of medical group to public company (2011)
ma-icon Investor acquisition of manufacturing company (2011)
ma-icon Acquisition of food brokerage company (2010)
ma-icon Sale of transportation company to strategic buyer (2008)
Capital raise of medical device company (in progress)
Buy-side acquisition campaign of laminate manufacturer (in progress)
Valuation of plastic adhesive/coating company (in progress)
Sell-side acquisition of airplane parts business (in progress)
Sale of environmental consulting business (2018)
Buy-side acquisition of transportation company (2017)
Valuation, negotiation and structure on joint venture between a medical billing/analytics company and a strategic partner (2017)
Valuation, structure, and documentation of sale of an insurance agency. (2017)
Buy-side acquisition of transportation company (2016)
Due diligence for franchisor business to acquire new franchise concept (2015)
ma-icon Purchase offer of trucking business (2014)
ma-icon Purchase offer of waste management business (2014)
ma-icon Purchase offer of parking management company (2013)
ma-icon Buyout of shareholders (2012)
ma-icon Sale of physician group to national entity (2012)
ma-icon Sale of local manufacturing company to national company (2011)
ma-icon Sale of medical practice (2011)
ma-icon Sale of national sporting event to international entity (2009)

Management Consulting Engagements

Structure of JV construction company and environmental company for product and technology exploitation (2011)
Business succession planning regarding inter-generational transfer of ownership (2011)