Buy-Side Advisory

Guiding you through the process of identifying, negotiating and implementing strategic acquisition opportunities.

Sell-Side Advisory

Packaging and marketing your business through a dynamic sales process to optimize the value of your life’s work.

Pre-Sale Advisory

Have you focused on the correct business drivers that are rewarded by increased value in the eyes of an acquirer?

Sell-Side Advisory

Are you ready to engage in a conversation when an acquirer comes knocking at your door? All too often we see stories of business leaders that have pole-vaulted to the end game without addressing critical issues with respect to the owners’ personal needs or business goals.

How do you know a deal is a good deal? What’s the right value? It all depends on if there are clearly defined objectives.

Sell-side is a process played by skilled opponents.  While you are running your business, do you really have the time and expertise to engage in a M&A process with honed professionals that often starts fast and furious, only to end with the sound of crickets while the game is played?

Talley Capital levels the playing field for business owners by understanding the rules of  engagement and developing the right strategy to sell their companies and identify investors, strategic and financial, that are a good fit to fuel business growth.