Exit Planning

How do I develop a plan that allows for a smooth transition, minimizes taxation and maximizes value upon departure?

Management Buyouts

How do I close the transaction successfully and satisfy the collective interests of all parties involved in a Management Buyout?

Family Business Transfers

How do I protect the value of my business for my family and future generations?

Exit Planning

An exit is more than a transition, it’s a life event.

The decisions surrounding an exit will determine what the return is on their most valuable asset and what will become of the organization to which business owners have devoted their lives to.

Given the often divergent goals of seller and buyer, the tax, financial, and legal implications of a transaction can quickly become overwhelming for a business owner to handle on their own.

Talley Capital Group’s dedicated team of tax, legal, and M&A experts help mitigate challenges and assist in maximizing the opportunities surrounding your successful outcome.