Buy-Side Advisory

Guiding you through the process of identifying, negotiating and implementing strategic acquisition opportunities.

Sell-Side Advisory

Packaging and marketing your business through a dynamic sales process to optimize the value of your life’s work.

Pre-Sale Advisory

Have you focused on the correct business drivers that are rewarded by increased value in the eyes of an acquirer?

Buy-Side Advisory


How do you know if your growth strategy through acquisition will increase your value? All too often, you hear the story of the company that is trying to acquire a company at a 4x multiple and sell at a 6x multiple, with minimal investment and strategic planning.

A clear acquisition strategy that is accretive to earnings must be clearly defined, executable, and measurable. Working side by side with management, Talley Capital Group confirms that your acquisition criteria is clearly defined, executable, and measurable against future results to determine whether adjustments are needed.

Talley Capital Group has helped many business leaders analyze, optimize, and maximize their acquisition strategy.