Exit Planning

How do I develop a plan that allows for smooth transition, minimizes taxation and maximizes value upon departure?

Management Buyouts

How do I close the transaction successfully and satisfy the collective interests of all parties involved in a Management Buyout?

Family Business Transfers

How do I protect the value of my business for my family and future generations?

Management Buyouts


What is a good Management Buyout (MBO) opportunity? Do you have the right team in place that can be backed by a financier?

A successful MBO needs a combination of a company on solid footing, strong management, financial backing, and a growth story to be successful.

From a seller’s point of view, a MBO can be used to reward a loyal team with equity and an opportunity to extend the legacy of the business.

Talley Capital Group’s approach is based upon a thorough understanding of the business’ people, process, and product that maximizes stakeholder value.