Market Assessment

What is going on in my industry? We apply proven market research methodology within the M&A and capital markets to identify notable trends in your specific industry, and most importantly, explain it in terms you understand.

Value Assessment

What is my business worth? Talley Capital Group utilizes best practice valuation techniques to prepare a financial benchmark of your company, comparing your key performance indicators and unique value drivers to competitors in your industry.

Strategy Assessment

What business enhancements will give me the best solutions to increase my cash flow and value? We apply a laser focused view of your most important business decisions, helping you increase returns in your business. All with a view on Sell, Buy or Hold?

Value Assessment

How does your company perform against industry benchmarks? Talley Capital Group’s value assessment process starts by analyzing your industry’s benchmarks and comparing it to your business’ trends and historical performance.

By establishing the value of your company, you can then identify a go-forward strategy and help identify challenges and opportunities with respect to unlocking your optimized value.